Helping brands connect with people… just like a LinkedIn Local

Your brand can make genuine connections with your customers. All you need is to do is take a commonsensical approach to your brand and design.

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Bring teams together

Abstract gets better with friends. The more cross-functional teams collaborate in Abstract, the faster and more efficiently they can build and ship products.

How taking a commonsensical approach helps you grow your business

Don't hand over the reins to an agency. To truly empower business owners to grow, it makes sense to work with you (not just for you).
Creates a roadmap for success
Let's get to know you better, including where you are, where you aspire to be and what the heart of your business is.
Creates a business that is appealing to your customer
If we continue to look at our own business through our own eyes we'll miss the gems that will help us grow from good to great.
Gives you a website that is a genuine investment, not an expense
Because your website will be a tool and part of your business strategy, not just your marketing one (because - spoiler alert -  the two are intrinsically linked).
Allows you to truly connect with your customer
So you attract super-awesome clients, whether through your website or at the next LinkedIn Local event.
Sets up strong foundations
Let's see what has worked in the past and what can be reused, and find where the gaps are.
Provides a robust system to balance creativity with practicality
The words 'function and form' are a great description of how you should think about any marketing activity, be it a new website or an ad campaign.
Puts you in the driver's seat
The process of articulating your brand empowers you to authentically communicate in a way that fits you (and not let your agency get carried away).

Getting it sorted

Before we begin the creative process we need to know what's working and what's not .Then we can create a brand plan of attack, together.
We have a wealth of strategic plans, systems and resources to help you fill in the gaps of your strategy to ensure that nothing is holding you back from true growth before you spend money on marketing and design with us.

Getting it done

Our creative process is based on robust systems. We don't want you to just hand the reigns over to us to design you the best solution for your business plans. We need to educate you along the way.
This eliminates the 'my agency just doesn't get me' buyer regret that many businesses are frustrated by when trying to improve their marketing with an agency.

Taking ownership

True brand authenticity is about giving you the knowledge and resources to continue to grow and market your business with us, or in-house.
The thing that makes us feel successful is in giving our clients choice to grow you and your staff's marketing capabilities as your business grows.
After all true empowerment is having choices.

Let's connect

Send me an email and we'll catch up. I love discussing business ideas (and frustrations) and throwing around ideas to help you narrow down some goals.
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