We turn branding into a business tool

One website at a time

Branding businesses since 2003

The backbone of our success is in finding better ways to help businesses flourish through branding.

What makes us different from an agency? We believe that in order to really deliver a solution that is what a business requires, we need to work directly with the decision maker of the company.

Using brands strategically

We work with business owners to help define their brand in order to understand how a website can grow their business.

We specialise in branding

Not web development! Why? Because there is already a huge talent pool of web developers and, let's be honest, code is not where our passion lies.

Instead, we work hand-in-glove with a suite of web developers who understand that in order for them to build the best websites their client needs a strong brand platform.


We're based in the heart of Christchurch, New Zealand with clients throughout Australasia.


We have a unique six step brand delineation process. It's what allows us to ensure that we can deliver a project on budget and that it's exactly what you need.


What do we mean "we work with websites but we don't build them"?

Because there are so many web platforms available it's impossible for one company to be experts in them all.

Instead we work collaboratively with developers – who each specialise in their unique platform and user interface. We then help their clients to get the most out of their site through brand strategy and implementation.

Here's what we do

Brand Strategy

For clarity and strategic positioning in your business. Because it's not always as simple as whipping up an ad campaign

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Brand Design

Creative design solutions tailored for your business, combining our design talent and your business knowledge

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Brand Implementation

Digital solutions for businesses that need an adaptable digital presence that is easy and efficient to update

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Here's what the web developer does

Web UX and Design

A web developer will design the best online solution to tell your brand story. It will fit with your business goals and drive the digital experience for your customer.

Web Development

A web developer will build your website, ensure it interfaces with the software you need it to and provide their client with a backend solution that the client (or us) can continue to use the website in the business.

Our People

Delineate is made up of a mix of strategists, designers, content creators and digital designers and builders – we'll pull the right balance of people together to delineate your business.

Brand Strategy & client go-to

Amanda van Kuppevelt

Amanda has been in the design and advertising industries since 1995. Her twenty plus(!) years working in branding puts her in a great place to help work alongside clients to help them to align their business vision with their brand.

Her role includes client management, brand strategy and art direction.

She also holds a diploma in Multimedia, so she speaks web and business owner – the perfect bridge between developer and entrepreneur.

Senior Graphic design

Simon Horner

Simon's talent is in turning words into a visual representation of their business – the logo and support branding identity system for a business.

His role includes design, print and website branding that supports your business goals.

Web developers & designers:

Are you ready to create invaluable website tools?

If you're in business to help your clients and love the development of websites as much as we love to create a great experience for business owners, then it's time to collaborate!

Let's work together to help your clients to fulfil their business goals with your websites.

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