The secret to a successful brand?


Knowing the design of your business
is as important as the
business of design.

We should know, we've been delineating businesses since 2003.

It's time to turn your brand into an investment, by using it to help you
take your business where you want to go.

We eliminate the "my designer doesn't get what I'm trying to do",
the "my design agency has gotten carried away with the project",
and the "why does marketing have to be so hard?" angst that many business owners suffer when trying to grow their business.


Before we get ahead of ourselves, it's important to point out that we're not an agency. We don't work on your 'behalf'  (which is, by definition, what an 'agent' does). Instead  we work with you. We have created many (many) campaigns for clients, and  have designed many (many) business cards, logos and brochures. However, the people we create these for have opened their businesses to us, at every level. We knew what made them tick, and what made their customers tick, and then we put together the solution that would give them the most return on their investment with us.

We're in a unique position in that we see many different businesses, of all shapes and sizes, therefore we can better offer advice, support and write darn good briefs based on their needs. We then whittle down their business to a concise, smart business offering and point of difference. Only then do we put them into a graphic design brief.

Our process is the key to defining your business, so that we can then make it stand out from anyone else in your market. This is where the delineation starts…

The Design of Business

We use many tools to ensure we all get the best understanding of your business. Whether you're a new kid on the block, or own a business that's been around some time, it's essential we're in the best position to understand your business. This also allows us to be more creative with your design requirements, as well as your budget!


All of our clients are interviewed through a Business Discovery Workshop, which includes an interview and information foraging process.


This includes anything from your business vision, brand strategy, campaign strategy, to creating a new name and/or tagline for your business. All which work together to build the love!


We work with graphic designers and web designers / developers who have clients that are seeking a little more definition before they can start the design process. We work alongside the graphic designer to write a brief that ticks all the boxes for them and their client.


We help to define the tone that a website or brochure requires in terms of content. Because we are also designers, we understand the importance of making it fit with the aesthetics while still keeping with the business needs.

The Business of Design

The products we produce are what you'd typically see in a design or advertising company. The difference is, we customise our products to fit your businesses requirements, instead of fitting you to what we've got on offer.

We've spent over a decade researching and learning various products that allow us to provide the best, most practical and usable solution to fit to your business.


We create any graphic design solution for you, because we're not just about the design of business, but the business of design. The beauty is, because we've collaborated with you, and really get your business, the finished design turns into a piece of art that actually works for you.

We also write your brochure at the same time as we design it. This ensures the content and the design work together to get your message across in the best way possible. It also means that you're not stuck writing your own content. It's never easy when it comes to writing about your own business, especially if writing is not your forté.

 (yes, including CMS)

Our websites use a product that has been designed for graphic designers. It is not exclusive to us, and so allows for anyone to transfer the site without needing to have a new site built in order to move.

It is also design based, which results in the difference between designing something in the equivalent of MS Word versus a design industry Adobe software package.

If you've heard the words Content Managed or CMS before, and been told that you need a site that the end user can edit, never fear, because editing the website content, and even updating photos is as easy as opening a browser.


Isn't it funny how we've got an entire website about branding, and just this one paragraph devoted to logo design. We often don't work with a customers logo. In fact, rather than lose the traction that you've gained with your existing logo we figure out ways to enhance it, build on it, or better tell your story through everything but the logo. However, for start ups, or companies requiring a realignment or reinvent with their business, don't you want to know that the logo we design for you pins down your business point of difference and your story. Most importantly however, we ensure that your logo fits with where you want to take your business?


We often get clients who have spent a lot(!) of money on advertising and marketing, but don't have much to show for it. Advertising and marketing are essential to every business, however that doesn't mean it needs to be a press advert, radio advert or TV commercial. We'll ensure the tools we create for you are exactly what you need to get in front of the right audience with the right message. Most often this includes a simple system that you can add into your business toolkit.

We'll give you the tools to manage it yourself, or we can manage them on your behalf.

We will help you articulate and work through to discover your brand and business goals creatively, before we produce a successful:

Logo design // stationery design // brand strategy // web design // business model canvas  // marketing collateral // newsletters // email newsletters // brochures

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