We won't undertake a job that we don't believe that we can add value to.

That's why we need to understand your business so we can add value by determining exactly what is needed in your organisation to help it grow.

We're not your 'agency', but your collaborator. There are no 'ta-da' logo unveils, just as there is no guess-work.  There are, however, plenty of 'a-ha', inspiration and revelation moments that will give you clarity in your brand.

If you've ever imagined having the kind of advice that the visionaries like Steve Jobs of Apple, or Richard Branson of Virgin have, you'll know that they are backed by a trusted team of 'doers'. This team provides insight and guidance to the person at the top of the company.

We'd love to think that every business leader can go it alone, but having been in the game for over 20 years, we know that this doesn't often happen, and shouldn't.  Businesses turn into something far better when they work collaboratively, than the results of a single person.

We work hand in hand with our clients' business, and offer up our expertise in brand development to ensure that when you, the business leader, has the next big idea, or simply wants to iron out their thoughts for their existing business, that we can help make it happen.

Our mix of design, strategy and coaching skills ensures that we don't just make your business look good, we ensure it IS good!

How we Delineate your business

You'll see below the six step Delineation process that we utilise in order to make sure you not only have the best design solution for your business, but that you know why it's come about, and can take ownership of the result. It ensures we're all at the same table, and gives us the tools we need to better collaborate with you.


We investigate your industry, and delve into it's background to find out where your business stands at the moment.


We run a business discovery workshop with the key decision-makers in your business to find out your goals


Once we understand your brand direction, presence and strength we outline your Brand Delineation Plan.


We may help you to align your goals with your Brand Delineation Plan, and outline a brief for your design and marketing project.



We work to design your brand or project – where the traditional graphic designer starts.


Now that we know who you are, what you do, and who for we can start promoting your business!

Our brand team

The brand explainers, advocates, and the 'feet on the ground' people who help you to develop your brand.

Lindsay Harrison

Brand Manager & Whip Cracker

Lindsay's degree in Sociology gives her a unique perspective on what drives a herd. She helps identify those key market drivers and the triggers that help you move towards a more strategic brand and make sure you can live up to that brand promise.


Connect with Lindsay:


Amanda van Kuppevelt

Brand Strategist & Brand Architect

Amanda's experience in both design development and business  brand development (since 1995) puts her in a unique position coach, lead or collaborate with you, to help develop your business branding, giving you clarity and direction.


Connect with Amanda:


We use graphic designers who are in-house as well as contractors and external design companies. This allows us to bring together the best team for you, but without the additional costs to you. The clarity we create for your business is turned into a killer design brief that gives a strong direction. Your designer is then already on the right path, allowing them to more efficiently, and effectively focus on the best design for you.

(Not to mention, you'll get the right solution for you,
 not the one that just keeps our designers busy.)

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If you'd like to talk about the business of design, or the design of your business, you can call us on +64 3 366 3690.

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We will help you articulate and work through to discover your brand and business goals creatively, before we produce a successful:

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Call us: +64 3 366 3690

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What we believe…


Our purpose is to ensure you walk in the right direction, and not sprint in the wrong one.


We ain't no 'agency', because we're not your agent – we're on your side!


Business strategy should work hand in hand with design and marketing.


We love the design of business as much as the business of design.


If it doesn't make sense, feel right or you feel pressured, don't do it!